Saturday, 12 January 2013

A climate change

1 week ago, the outdoor temperature was 10 - 12'c. Baring in mind, this is currently the middle of winter, and we were getting near spring temperatures. Mother nature has suddenly remembered that this is winter and now the temperatures are just a few degrees above freezing, and next week they are expected to drop below freezing and snow is meant to arrive. Obviously these cooler temperatures make me reluctant to want to go outside and repot any plants.

I did notice something today though. I think my greenhouse thermometer is broken (yes I am writing a post about a thermometer, how exciting!). Obviously as a carnivorous plant collector and enthusiast, it helps to know the temperature and environment in which I am raising my plants. Its about 3 degrees celcius outside, and according to the thermometer in the greenhouse, its 16'c in there. Last time I checked, you aren't visibly able to see your breathe when you exhale in 16'c temperatures. Still, the thermometer itself is about 7 years old. So I ordered a new one which as digital and displays the humidity as well as the temperature; which should help for as and when I decide to get tropical carnivorous plants.


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