Sunday, 6 January 2013

290 plants, and counting.........

So I have done some repotting this weekend. I felt a bit ill and tired yesterday and it was odd when I was outside repoting, as normally I am quite happy to do it as it is a hobby, but yesterday with a combination of lack of sleep and feeling 'under the weather', I got a lot of fatigue just by repotting maybe 20 plants.

Yesterday evening, I felt a lot better and even went down to the local garden centre to get one of these:

Absolutely perfect for what I am after. Today I did some more repotting and Ive already used 1/3rd of the trays, for some unknown Sarracenia's that I need to get a species check on, and Sarracenia dixie lace.

Between yesterday and today, I was outside for about 4 hours repotting my plants. I estimate that I am just over 1/3rd of the way through my entire collection and am already at about 290 plants. I am also going to need some more compost because despite ordering 72 litres, twice as much as last year, I am now down to the last few bags, and they wont last long.

The weather should be interesting over the next few weeks because at this moment, despite being in the middle of winter, its about 12'c outside, though I hear that it is going to get much cooler towards the second half of January.

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