Friday, 22 February 2013

And the plants get even more amazing........

I mentioned in a previous entry that every once in a while, I learn something new about these plants which makes me have even more respect for them. Just a few days ago a new discovery was made.

Up until now, it was believed that nectar, smell and colour were the only way carnivorous plants attracted insects. A few days ago, it was reported on the BBC website that a team of researchers in India have discovered that some types of carnivorous plants actually use UltraViolet light to attract insects to the traps:

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Repotting complete

So after weeks of repotting each weekend, I have finally repotted all the plants that I wanted to. I also ordered the greenhouse a few days ago so that should be arriving within a few weeks. I would tell you how many plants I have in total, but I lost count at around the 450 mark. Though I estimate the total to be around 470 - 500.

You may notice that some plants haven't been repotted. These are mainly the more unique venus flytraps (i.e. the B52) and its mainly because I want to wait for them to divide themselves before I repot them.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

434 carnivorous plants, and counting.......

Once again, I have ran out of compost. When I first started dividing, I figured 60 - 70 litres would be enough but Ive reached the 117 litre mark and I still have about 10-15% of my collection to repot. Ive nearly finished repotting my venus flytraps and its really only the remaining cobra lily's and pitcher plants to do.

Still though, what a number. I had 160 last year and expected to have, at the most, 250 this year. When I started repotting, I thought that maybe, just maybe it might even get just shy of 300. But 434? No way. Good news is that I hope to be ordering my second greenhouse next week. I certainly need it!