Sunday, 30 December 2012

An endangered species

One of the things that I love about carnivorous plants is that every once in a while, I learn something new and fascinating about them which makes me appreciate them more. For instance, earlier this year I learn't that the reason why a Venus flytrap doesn't close fully when it first shuts is to allow smaller prey that are so small that they arent worth the plants digestion energy, a chance to escape between the 'teeth' of the flytrap.

Yesterday I learnt something even more surprising. Ive always known that these plants are exotic, and to some degree, rare. But not only did I not know that over 97% of Sarracenia (Pitcher Plant) habbtat has been destroyed in the south-eastern US, but the Sarracenia 'oreophila' is actually on the "critically endangered' species list. By the time I divide them, I think I will have about 15 of them, and now I feel strangely protective of them..

                                                                          Would be a shame to lose these (credit: wikipedia)

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