Saturday, 22 December 2012

Cold fingers

Each time I repot, I encounter the same main problem. The cold. Typically in February, the temperature is around or slightly above freezing, which is an issue when it comes to dipping the plants roots in rainwater. I dont know if I just have bad blood circulation, but the fact is that after spending maybe 30 minutes repotting, my fingers start to get cold and painful.

Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to go back inside the house for a few minutes to warm them up. I have planned ahead a little more this year though. I typically use disposable gloves when repotting but, especially with the quantity I will be repotting next year, I require something slightly thicker, but still thin enough to maintain good control and grip over the plant. So I bought a pair of these:

        The gloves. Not the thing he or she is holding.

They fit nicely, they are thicker than disposable gloves, and they are mostly waterproof. Still, I then came across these:

I must admit, I am very curious about these. They are designed to be adequate to warm people's hands up while they are climbing mountains. Im using them to warm my hands whole repotting. The idea behind these is that they go between your gloves and your hand, and when they are exposed to oxygen, they can generate heat between 57 degrees celcius and 70, for up to 8 hours.

They sound ideal, and I would love to go outside and try them out and report back, but thanks to the British weather today, that isn't going to happen.

         Somewhere in there is Britain. Honestly.  

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