Thursday, 6 March 2014

Wacky Weather

We are now in March, and this winter, we've had probably the least amount of snow I've ever known for a winter. How cool is that? Well, not very apparently, as during one or two of the latter days of February, my automatic vents on my greenhouse opened up, due to the greenhouse getting to near 20'c inside! In February!

My Drosera Regia's are also still alive. Not something I was expecting as they come from South Africa. Infact, fingers crossed of course, most of my plant's seem to have made it through the winter, with the exception of one or two sundews.

My website is well under way now. I had considered getting rid of this blog and using the new website's blog to update things, but the truth is, I really like the layout of this current blog, so I will be doing a link to it from my website instead.

This reminds me, soon I have to order some new labels for plants, and of course a table and couple of chairs for when I go to the gala's and car boot sales to sell these plants in person. Roll on May!

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