Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Now. We. Wait.

I've had a number of people ask me over the last few weeks when I will be ready to  sell my plants. The answer is about April / May time because at the moment, they are all in dormancy (as the photos below show).

Repotting is now complete for this year, and I am totalling around 540 plants. I have also tried out some experimenting this year. A few of my Sarracenia's (Pitcher Plants) are nearly 2 ft tall but are in pots so small that the root's are sticking out of the holes in the bottom. Not only have I put them into a larger pot, but the pot's I have put them into are several times the size. I am hoping this encourages them to grow even taller and maybe even max out their height (1.2 metres) within a couple of years.

Also worth noting that I won't be selling my plants internationally. They will be strictly UK only. Plants are not allowed to be posted to the EU, and the expensive posting price to the US simply isn't worth it. Besides, you US/Canadian lot have a greater variety of plants with easier access over there :)

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