Monday, 1 April 2013

Slightly viral?

So another of my youtube videos has had a large amount of popularity.

In December of last year, I decided to record a short video of me putting my finger inside the trap of a B52 venus flytrap. A B52 is one of the largest types of traps. Ideally, no one should put their fingers in the traps of these plants because it doesn't do the plant any good. People do this because they wonder what effect it will have on their finger.

Anyway, I made this video to prove the point that even with one of the largest types of VFT traps in the world, nothing will happen cause its just two leaves closing together.

For over 3 months, it got hardly any views. Probably no more than 100. Yet somehow, in the last 7 days, its had 18,000.

My youtube channel grows. My lifetime views grow. My subscribers grow. I continue to make my youtube channel become the epicentre for carnivorous plant related videos on the net :)

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