Saturday, 20 April 2013

Live food

So as you may have noticed from my recent youtube video updates, I've been feeding my plants some locusts and mealworms. Two reasons for this, 1. more videos :) and 2. Because, and especially with the mealworms, I want to see if this additional feeding makes some of the traps larger than normal.

Also going to be ordering some more plants soon. Yes, more plants, cause 500 just aint enough when there's room for more ;)

I am also trying to get a few good sundew timelapses because I love how their tentacles wrap around their prey. Trouble is, as great as my recorder (Kodak Playsport Zx5) is, and it really is good when it comes to macro's, it can be hard to see just how in focus certain things are on the LCD preview screen. This has sometimes resulted in 15 minute recordings of the sundews doing their thing, only for me to check the replay and see that the part that looked in focus on the LCD screen wasn't actually in focus.

Meanwhile, here is a nice HDR photo of my greenhouse:

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